Journal of Hindu Studies 5.1 has been published

The latest issue of the Journal of Hindu Studies, volume 5.1, has just been published, and contains articles on Ritual and Practice by some of the leading scholars in Hindu Studies. Here is the table of contents:

  • Jessica Frazier: Ritual and Practice in Hindu Studies
  • Axel Michaels: A Preliminary Grammar of Newar Life-Cycle Rituals
  • Sthaneshwar Timalsina: Body, Self, and Healing in Tantric Ritual Paradigm
  • June McDaniel: The Role of Yoga in Some Bengali Bhakti Traditions: Shaktism, Gaudiya Vaisnavism, Baul, and Sahajiya Dharma
  • John Brockington: How japa Changed between the Vedas and the bhakti Traditions: The Evidence of the Japakopakhyana (MBh 12.189–93)
  • McComas Taylor: Heavenly Carrots and Earthly Sticks: How Phalasruti Paratexts Empower Puranic Discourse

This issue also carries book reviews by Michael Baltutis, Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz, Frank Korom, Ramdas Lamb, Zo Newell, Carl Olson, Heidi Pauwels, Steven Ramey, Caleb Simmons, and Will Sweetman. 

You can access a print copy of the Journal in the OCHS Library, or download the articles online, on the JHS website.

(published on 22/05/2012)

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